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Well, you probably have to be my age to remember this, the old " Button on a string " toy. Take a 2-3/8 " disk made from cedar and add two handles with string and you have hours of fun everyone will want to try their hand at. Price $ 2.50

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Jump All Put One Game
Do Nothing Machine
Button on a String
This hand cranked machine does absolutly nothing. But everyone will want to try it. Turn the handle and watch the two pieces of wood slide in and out of the channels. Made from Poplar and Walnut and priced at $ 4.95
This game has been frustrating people for years. You jump the pins like checkers and the object is to end up with just one left. Not as easy as it sounds. Game is 6 " on a side and priced at $ 5.95
Kick Scooter
For fun and excitement this is it and it looks good too. Made from different hardwoods like Hickory, Walnut, Maple and more it really will stand out as one of a kind in your neighborhood. 25" long and 29 1/2 " high to the top of the handle. Equipped with a non-slip surface and has real skakeboard wheel assemblies she's really fast and fun. Even though this scooter is built very strong it is not recommended for ramping or jumping over items like a skateboard would be. This scooter is made when ordered and takes about 2 weeks to complete.
Price $ 59.95
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Heart Puzzle
A Heart Puzzle that teaches children coordination and problem solving. 5-1/2 " high and 4 " at the base.
Made from Poplar hardwood.
Price $ 5.00
Tic Tac Toe Game
Challenge each other to a game.
Made from Poplar this game will
keep everyone trying their hand
Price $ 5.50